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What the Heck Did I Eat in January? Part III

So as soon as I tried to start eating clean with no added sugar, I cured cancer.  I also fixed the U.S. economy and delivered a baby with my bare hands.

I also started to feel pretty darn good.  Normally, when I wake up in the morning, it’s not Cecilia that comes down the stairs for some coffee; Spike does.  Spike is what Andrew has decided to call my grouchy, crabby, leave-me-alone alter-ego.  Sometime during the first week, Spike stopped coming down for coffee.  Andrew and I were amazed at how chipper and happy-to-be-up we were at 5:30am.  Getting outside to run in the dark or down to the basement to BodyRock was a little easier.  This feeling is less noticeable now, but still present.

I weighed myself Jan. 1.  I have always let the scale dictate my eating efforts, but I had decided in December that I hated stepping on that thing everyday just to see those normal fluctuations.  I hated “being good” all week and then going nuts with my food choices on the weekend because I thought I could.  No wonder I had reached a plateau with my appearance.  I just know there is a six-pack in my belly, and damn it, I want to see it!  I knew the secret had to do with my diet because I am very disciplined when it comes to exercising.

I haven’t weighed myself since, (“And it’s freeeeeeeeeeee-ing!” she said in her best Oprah imitation) and I will no longer judge my fitness and make my food decisions based on that scale.  I know I’ve made progress toward my goals because my clothes are fitting better, and yes, those ab muscles are revealing themselves little by little.  The weekend is no longer a green light to eat whatever.  It’s still time to be disciplined.  I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost (it can’t be that much), but it doesn’t matter to me because I look and feel better.

But I must stress that this food discipline is not the same as going on a diet to lose weight.  I believe that because I’m getting my calories from more nutrient dense foods in whole states, I am fueling my body with a higher level of octane.  My body’s loving the extra good fuel and using it more wisely, and I’m eating less overall because the whole foods make me more satiated over the day.

AND I’m not craving sugar and sweeties all the time like I used to!  Very few callings for pudding, brownies, etc.  There was the time I overdosed on home-made Larabars, but we don’t really talk about those 36 hours.  The other day, I made brownies with peanut butter chips in them for a work meeting, and while I was very good while making them and didn’t lick the spoon/taste the batter, I did eat the crumbies that came off the knife as I cut them, and I did eat a little scoop of those totally processed peanut butter chips that don’t even really have peanut butter in them.  A moment of weakness, but I think the more I eat clean, the less anything like that will appeal to me.  But when I think of all the stuff I didn’t eat because of this eating challenge, I don’t feel so bad.

Tomorrow: What the Heck Didn’t I Eat in January?


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2 thoughts on “What the Heck Did I Eat in January? Part III

  1. What kind of peanut butter do you eat?

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