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What the Heck Did I Eat in January? Part I

In December, I knew there was something up with my lifestyle. I knew I was being “healthy,” that is, exercising regularly, eating within an appropriate calorie range most of the time, choosing relatively healthy choices, etc. But something was up. I wanted a little sweet treat EVERY day. If I worked out that morning, I allowed myself a Diet Coke at work. Then the holidays came, and I gave myself the green light to eat whatever as long as I got my runs in.

I know – it’s the holidays – it’s impossible to not indulge some, and it was actually a success that I kept my fitness routine up while going lax on my nutrition routine. However, just before the holidays, I started learning about clean eating, and I had no idea what it was before I did a search for some answers, and this blog appeared toward the top of whatever I put in the search box:

The Gracious Pantry

The blog’s owner, Tiffany, did a great job of spelling out what clean eating is and how to start adopting a diet of clean eating.  This was all very interesting to me in the last half of December, food for thought while I ate food for festivating.  I thought about it here and there while on my holiday travels, and I’m not sure where I would be on the topic today if it weren’t for this post arriving in my email on Dec. 29.

There was Tiffany, calling out to me from cyberland to make a drastic change in my eating my habits, starting Jan. 1.  I’m not one to make new year resolutions, but in this case, why not?  I would have tried this Jan. 1, April 12, July 22, whenever.

The basic challenge was to eat a clean diet with no added sugar for two weeks.  She also threw out there that we could really challenge ourselves and go for a full month if we wanted to.  I decided to do a month, and surprisingly, Andrew agreed too!

In a nutshell, the challenge of not eating foods with no added sugar interested me because I wanted to get away from having a treat every day.  Doesn’t it stop being a treat when you have sweet every day?  Also, I wanted to know more about clean eating, so why not dive in and base my meals around these no added sugar meal plans and see where it takes me?

That one little post gave me all the background, tips, recipes, and cheerleading I needed to really explore her website and get started.

Turns out, getting started was the easy part!  Isn’t it always?


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  1. ok tell me more!!

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