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A Very Harry Halloween

I have always loved Halloween.  I used to plan out at least one costume in advance and map out several evenings out and about.  I loved traveling to Madison, WI for the coldest, but best Halloween bar crawl with a great friend.  By my late mid-20s, I had enough costume pieces that I could be something different every night in October leading up to Halloween.  If it weren’t for having a life, I would have done so!  In sum, I.  Love.  Halloween.

Then I moved off to graduate school, sold most of my worldly possessions, shipped my costume trunk up to my parents’ house in Minnesota, and didn’t dress up for two entire years.  Not a wig, sequin, or eyepatch.  So sad.

The decorations came out two weekends ago.  The costume trunk was opened promptly at the end of the work week.  It’s on!

We dressed up to hand out candy at my town’s downtown Halloween kid fest on Friday.  I was a belly dancer and Andrew was a pirate, and a darn good one at that.  We walked back to our car hand in hook after hours of kids sniffing for candy.  I also saw the best costume ever.  A little girl was dressed as a Nancy Drew book!  It was like a sandwich board book that fit around her, and her head poked out where Nancy’s head is on the cover!  You could tell she painted it herself, and it was accurate down to every color and letter in the description on the back of the book.  Of course, she got robbed during the costume contest.  The injustice!

Saturday was a beautiful, chilly fall morning!  We dressed up for our first Halloween 5K in costume.  I have always wanted to run a race dressed as Cher, and finally, I was able to realize the dream.  The perfectionist in me was sad because a) I had to run in sneakers and to pass on the black boots for health reasons, and b) my totally awesome leather jacket is still at my parents, so I had to improvise with a canvas Dickies jacket.  Andrew was not going to dress up for this one, but changed his mind when he found a sparkly pirate-themed thong bikini in my treasure chest of costumes.  He donned it over his running tights and Under Armor and wore it like the running Adonis he is.  I’d share a photo of him from the back, but I don’t think he’d appreciate that, and I like being on his good side.

It was a super fun time.  I lost the costume contest to “cereal killer” (cough cough real original cough), but there is something about running as Cher that made the race that much better, and I suspect that if I were to dress as Cher all the time, life would also be just a little bit better.  Andrew set a personal record of 21:50 and finished 3rd in his age group.

We were going to go to an Irish restaurant for breakfast, but we had some time to kill, so we went to The City Market.  I had only been there once before, years ago, and it was on a weekday morning, and only the few authentic restaurants/delis were open.  This weekend hosted a farmers market, AND I appreciated all the different ethnicities represented in the restaurants and delis this time.  We had fresh coffee, pierogies, and a gyro pocket to satisfy us post race, and then we bought so much stuff to take home (produce, meats from the Italian deli, Nutella cookies, and pork chops straight from the farmer) that we had to go home right away and skip the Irish breakfast this time.

What a spread!  My favorite finds were spices, sun dried tomatos, and prosciutto!  Those Nutella cookies were amaze-balls too.

So for dinner that night, I made an amazing dish of whole-wheat spaghetti, tossed with green pepper and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, with Sicilian sausage on top.  For a side, I made Eggplant, Squash and Zucchini Casserole, and I served asparagus wrapped in prosciutto for an appetizer.

I recently learned two things.  1) Photos like the ones above are referred to as “food porn.”  2)  My food porn sucks.  I mean seriously.  Look at the lighting.  Look at that sausage just slapped on top of a bed of pasta.  The casserole looks like vomit.  Would you want to eat that?  I wouldn’t, but sweet Paula Dean, everything tasted amazing, y’all.  I’ll work on the presentation, I promise.  Perhaps my food was a little too shy for its first food porn shoot.  I’ll try to coax it out of its shell next time, and we’ll see what happens.

Sunday, we went to church, watched football and carved pumpkins.  Somewhere between all of that, I had a great solo 8.5 miler in the sun, with shorts and a t-shirt.  Surely that was one of my last with limbs exposed for the year.  I toasted the seeds with sugar and spice, and they were delish.

Can you guess who carved which pumpkin?

So, as you can see, we were in the Halloween spirit and ready for some trick-or-treaters!  This was our first Halloween in our house, and we live at the end of a dark cul-de-sac, so we didn’t really know what to expect for action.  I bought $10 worth of candy, and I think we had 9 kids come by, 3 of which were kids of friends that we begged to come by so we could at least have a few kids see our pumpkins.  All weekend, we built up our Halloween cheer, and it puckered out last night!  Now, as I knew would happen, we have a crap-ton of candy left, and I don’t want it in the house because I’ll eat it.  At least we avoided the cardinal sin of Halloween and didn’t run out!


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  1. What does “amaze-balls” mean? I mean – so many options…

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